Proud New Member of the Windsor Chamber + Favorite Things Windsor, CO

windsor, colorado

I am proud to say that as of January 2020 I am a Windsor Chamber member. As a Windsor resident and entrepreneur I have called Windsor home since 2018 after eight years of living in Fort Collins. Windsor truly has become home with its committed community members, outdoor offerings, and incredible restaurants. Although Windsor still maintains its small town feel it is growing rapidly and I am excited to be more involved in the community and the businesses that make the city unique and keep it thriving. 

You can stay up to date with the latest events, grand openings, and local news by following the Windsor Chamber Facebook page. On the subject of community and Windsor I would also like to highlight a few of my favorite Windsor things;


  1. Toast Coffee and Wine Bar– This place has it all- strong coffee, amazing food, great service, and wine! This is the perfect local spot for a catch up session with a friend or a business meeting.
  2. Women of Windsor events– These events are held at Toast, which might play a small part in why I love them so much. The true reason it’s one of my favorite events is the energy that all of these entrepreneurial women bring to the table. Going to the Women of Windsor events will leave you invigorated and inspired. 
  3. Windsor Recreation Center– This recreation center has everything you could ever need for a great work out plus amazing classes not just for physical fitness but also for education. The recreation center is affordable, clean, and the staff are incredibly friendly. 
  4. Chimney Park – For an exceptional fine dining experience, visit Chimney Park. The historic building adds to the elegant yet cozy atmosphere, the food is phenomenal (I highly recommend choosing the chef’s menu), and the service is fantastic. Chimney Park has won the DiRoNA Award of Excellence, Best Restaurants in America, Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, and Wine Spectator Best Award of Excellence…so yes, visit this place! 
  5. Windsor Lake– One of my favorite past times when the weather is hot is to rent a paddle board at Windsor lake. You can rent paddle boards, chug boats, kayaks, and more for just a few bucks. Once you are done with your rental feel free to lounge out at the beach area, picnic on the grass, or take a walk around the lake for some exercise. 
  6. High Hops Brewery/ Windsor Gardener/ The Heart Distillery– Why the slashes you may ask? Well, all three of these gems are located in the same place! That’s right, you can enjoy local brews, distilled spirits, and then head over to the garden center and purchase some new houseplants. Oh and secret tip- the Heart Distillery has the best bloody mary in town. 

Windsor has many offerings to be discovered. Are you planning to visit and need  recommendations on where to go? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. You can also check out my Facebook page for updates on all things real estate and Northern Colorado, including Friday Features of neighborhoods and every Saturday for local business highlights.

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